Land Boundary Survey and Boundary Marker Post Check

If you are about to build a house in Thailand or carry out a construction project in Thailand, it is very important as the land owner, to have your land boundary lines and markers checked by the local government department.  It is inexpensive and well worth doing to avoid any potential issues that could arise if the land boundary lines and markers are not accurate, or not exactly the same as shown on the title deed.

The local land department office should be able to assist you, or direct you to the right persons to talk to. They will let you know when they can come to the land and do a survey to check boundaries and marker posts against your title deed.  Land owners should have one done; to avoid potential problems such as conflicts with neighbors, in regards their land boundary.

For example, if you build the garden wall and it infringes onto the neighbors land, then they could ask you to knock it down. Or your house when built may not be in the correct location according to regulations, so have a boundary survey check done. Bangkok Builder recommends anyone who owns land and is going to carry out construction in Thailand, or build a house, to have this done.  It is easy and not costly, but gives you a good degree of peace of mind.