Soil Testing Thailand. Soil Surveys Provide vital information. Contact Us For Help

Bangkok Builder has helped many people facilitate soil testing, soil tests and soil surveys in Thailand. We often get asked and are happy to help. The information the soil survey provides, is vital for the engineer to know how deep piles should be bored down into the ground, to support the weight of the structure. In any construction project you should have a soil test carried out, by the soil testing survey team. We inform all our clients to have a soil test done and have done many for them. In addition, we have also facilitated the soil tests for people with land in many parts of Thailand, even if we are not build their home. We are always happy to help.

The soil test report is a professional written report with calculations and vital information. It takes 1 to a few days on site for the test samples to be taken and then 2-3 weeks for the report to come back from the laboratory. Please contact Bangkok Builder if you require a soil test survey.