Bangkok Renovation

Bangkok Renovation – Quality and Value for Money
If you are looking for a reliable, Thai building team to help with the complete renovation of your condominium or house in Bangkok, then why not give Bangkok Builder a call. We are here to help you with all renovations and remodels of property in Bangkok. We have Thai and English speaking staff and experience in renovation and construction. We offer fair prices, quality and a reliable service. Please Note: We only do complete renovation and remodeling of whole properties with all required architectural and interior design drawings. We do not do part works, one room or only parts of a room or property. Our service is for total renovation of a property only.
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Renovation Regulations
Renovation is something that requires care, as often the property is within the confines of communal developments, such as a condo building or housing development. So it is vital to respect the regulations imposed by the community juristic authority and also not upset the other residents. Our Thai team at Bangkok Builder is fully aware of this and understands how to deal with all the regulatory organizations. We can help liaise with the communal authority and help resolve any concerns or issues during the construction and renovation phase.

Often regulations stipulate times that renovation works can be carried out and also regulate what can be done if anything to the communal parts of the property such as external windows and doors; and also the protection required for using the communal hallways or lifts during the project works. This is similar for housing developments too, but a little more flexibility is allowed of course with the actual works on the property. But roads and communal areas must be respected too. Once again we can bring you peace of mind, as we help you deal with this.

We only carry out complete renovation work, such as demolition of some walls, gutting and taking away of all old debris and the complete replacement of floor coverings, wall decorations, tiles, air con system, bathroom, kitchen, electrical and plumbing.Whatever it is, please feel free to contact us and we can see how best to help you.

Testimonial From Our Client – Condo Renovation

“Quality at every stage of the process”

“As a global traveler and busy expat, I had a vision for my condo and that required a full renovation, redesign and installation of all new finishes, flooring, built in furniture and bathrooms. The team came highly regarded and after a few emails and in person exchanges, I knew I had found the right firm. The interior design team was able to masterfully turn my ideas and vision into workable drawings and effective in managing the unexpected. The demolition and construction works were on schedule and on budget! We were able to communicate across the globe and that was a terrific added benefit. The end product is a very well constructed, tranquil oasis that makes me smile every time I walk through the door. Look no further – They are only choice you need to make!” – Steven A. Matarelli