House Construction: 100% Customer Satisfaction

Thank you to John and Malee Sim for choosing us to design and build their home in Prachinburi. It was a pleasure to work with you both.  Our architect and construction team, all enjoyed the project and building your home was a joy. We are very happy to are so pleased.

House Build: Testimonial
“When the Bangkok Builder agreed to take on the construction of our new house I was relieved and happy. It was the first project they had undertaken in our province and I had been apprehensive about finding a local builder who could do the job properly. We were lucky to have no delays from the weather and the house was completed in just 10 months. A project manager was on site throughout and the construction crew were well disciplined and orderly. Bangkok Builder’s consulting engineer visited weekly to make sure the construction crew were using the correct materials and methods and briefed us fully on any issues he found. Bangkok Builder’s service has been second to none and they have earned my highest recommendation.” John Sim

If you want a house builder in Thailand, please do not hesitate to contact us. Good communication, project management, quality and very reasonable prices await you.