Before & After Photos of Our Clients House Build in Thailand

“The journey of designing and building a dream house in Thailand, has been an exhilarating and ultimately rewarding process with the support of the construction team. They worked with us through the details of the architectural design, and quickly won our trust and confidence. The end result is wonderful. We are very pleased.

They showed patience with us, as we did not have all specifications and drawings worked out in detail. They has been very helpful in providing ideas, and design suggestions based on their construction experience on previous projects. All together, it is a combination of their skills, quality of work, attitude and customer service, that we can recommend their building service.” The Client.

The Importance of an Anti Termite System Under Your House in Thailand

Termites are a tiny insect that used to be called in English,  ‘wood ants’ or ‘white ants’. Do not underestimate them. They can be a severe problem in many parts of the world and Thailand is no exception. They can cause terrible damage to your house and cause you costly repairs.

They are capable of causing serious problems to the strength and safety of an infested structure. Damage by termites can in some circumstances, render structures uninhabitable without costly repairs being carried out. They also cause terrible damage and destroy all sorts of wooden made furniture and installations.

Houses constructed mainly of wood are not the only structures threatened by termite activity. Homes constructed from other types of materials can also host termite infestations, because they are capable of getting over plaster, metal sides and more. Termites will feed on wardrobes, cabinets, floors, tables, chairs, ceilings, doors, windows, kitchen units,  and wooden furniture within  your home. You can be shocked at how quickly they can destroy things.

So it is very important to have a ‘under house’ termite system installed, at the very early stages of construction. The system is fairly simple and a series of pipes that run under your home. The piping system in conjunction with the chemicals put through them, will provide a termite barrier around the foundations of the house. They are not 100% guaranteed full proof, as there are a variety of types of termites, but anyone building a house in Thailand, should have one. They are one of the best forms of protection against termites. There are plenty of pest control companies in Thailand who can provide the service. Using careful control of the chemical application, the pipe system helps to protect against invasion by termites. The pest control company will then advise how often they need to come and release the chemicals. Often it can be only every 3 to 6 months, but do seek the advice of the company.They may also advise spraying around the home too, but do seek the professional advice of the pest control company.

Bangkok Builder always recommends it and if our architect is doing the architectural drawings, advise you to have one. If you are working with an architect of your own, we recommend you instruct them to have one in the drawings. Don’t be a victim of termites.