Excited To be Nearing Completion of our Clients House Construction in Prachinburi. Record Time for building a House !

We are very excited to be in the final stages of the construction of our clients 650 sq.m house in Prachinburi, Thailand. The project has gone so well and it has been our pleasure to be the  construction contractor. Much appreciation to our client.

He and his wife are now in the process of choosing the light fittings, paint colours, bathroom furniture and various others parts of the  final installations. We help each customer with options and choices for the finishes such as wall tiles, floor coverings and bathroom products. Much of which is already in the architectural drawings specifications, but where the clients needs assistance, we are only too happy to help.

The house will be completed in a record time for us and within 9 months of starting. Our client is so happy and enjoying walking the site with our project supervisor to choose colours and discuss the finish.

Bangkok Builder is always happy to discuss a construction project in Thailand and welcome enquiries. If you are seeking trust, genuine desire to do ones best and complete your construction project to a good standard and within sensible time frames, please do not hesitate to contact us.

If you have the professional architects finished drawings, we are happy to provide a quotation to build your house. It normally takes 2- 3weeks to do a full cost quotation. If you decide to then move head, we provide a comprehensive professional construction contract, which we have used for over 15 years. It details everything we provide and all the clients and our responsibilities, laying out all the terms of agreement. Once signed and the first installment payment is paid to us, we normally start construction within 7-14 days.  We take all the worry and concerns away and take full responsibility for the construction. You are welcome to meet on site from time to time and also discus anything. We send you stage payments, as and when they are due for payment.

We insure the project throughout the period of construction and provide you a guarantee of the house build.

If you do not have architectural drawings, we do have our experienced English speaking Thai architects who can provide you all that is required.

Bangkok Builder provides the complete service from start to completion. Just drop us a line and we can begin to turn those ideas into a wonderful reality. We look forward to hearing from you. Contact Bangkok Builder.

Thailand Factory Construction – Construction Company in Thailand

If you are a company and looking to build a factory in Thailand, then Bangkok Builder can help you. We are a construction company in Thailand and been building in Thailand for 15 years.

We can provide a full turnkey construction service (design and build) , taking care of the construction project for the client, from concept to completion. Our licenced Thai architects have many years experience. This one-stop construction service can be most beneficial to the client, culminating in  shorter overall time scales, additional cost savings and eliminating the need for clients to manage day-to-day project activities. We have both Thai and English speaking members of our team. In addition, we can also assist if required with applications for permissions to build.

Our team leader in construction, is Khun Satit. He speaks English and has 40 years experience in construction. He is an engineer and worked on a multitude of construction projects in Thailand, including factory construction, many commercial construction projects and civil engineering projects.

His illustrious career has involved many areas of construction, throughout Thailand and included project management, contracting, consultancy and engineering. This is both within the residential and commercial construction industry.

Types of construction projects Satit has been involved in are: Luxury villas, Factories, private housing developments, town houses, high rise condominiums, hotels, corporate offices, skyscrapers, schools, gas stations, water reservoirs and agricultural projects.

Residential Construction Projects

Housing projects for Sena Villa, Bangkok.

Private residential houses, Pattaya

Rajavadee Villa Phase 1, 50 units, Minburi

Rajavadee Villa Phase 3, 20 units, Minburi

Other private residential houses in Bangkok and provinces

Private residential house, 650 sq.m, Prachinburi

Embassy Suites (a 30 storey up-scale Hotel with suites), Bangkok

Bridge View Hotel (25 storey’s)

Payathai Plaza. (Twin tower 38), 25 storey Condominium, Bangkok

Expansion/renovation projects of other private residential houses, Bangkok


Commercial Construction & Civil Engineering Projects

Payathai Plaza. Multi storey office building, Bangkok

Sirarai office building (2 buildings, 8 storey’s), Bangkok

Navanakorn Industrial Estate, 19,800 sq.m factory

Metropolis International, office building (104 storey’s), Bangkok

Thai Environment Company Head office (4 storeys’)

60 Rai Reclamation Project Rayoung Olefins Company, Rayong

Construction of jetty and gas pipeline, Rayong

Srijitra School 5 storey building, Bangkok.

Revetment Project (Phase II), Map Tha Put Industrial Estate, Rayong

Dredging and reclamation work at Pattani Province

Nanglong Soi Dam, Buriram Province

Water Reservoir, Puping Ratchanivej Palace, Chiang Mai

Spinway for Agriculture, Lampoon Province

P.T. Gas Station, Chonburi

Bangchak Gas Station, Bangkok

Civil Engineer Officer. Royal Thai Irrigation Department

Bangkok Builder is happy to discuss a wide variety of construction projects. Please contact us for further help.

House Construction in Prachnburi, Thailand Going Very Well. Completion Ahead of Schedule.

The Construction of the house for our client is going very well and client is very happy. The roof is now all completed with two layers of rain protection. This is a special design our architect created from European ideas. As Thailand gets a high quantity of rain, especially during monsoon periods, tour Thai architect looked to reduce any chance of water penetration. It is an excellent idea which we now implement in all our design designs if the client wishes.

Wall plastering is almost completed, electrical and plumbing 2nd fix should begin within two weeks. Ceilings are going up. We are also starting additional requests works, such as a long driveway in and extra electrical works.

It has been a pleasure to work with our customer. If you want to build a house in Thailand and are looking for a professional construction contractor, please contact us. We have over 15 years of experience and always enjoy new projects. We love to help people build their houses in Thailand. Every project is also supervised by our foreman and project manager. In addition to being inspected by our professional, highly experienced construction consultant.

Our Thai architects speak Thai and English. They have helped many people design homes and provide full architectural services in Thailand. If you need a house designed and built in Thailand, contact Bangkok Builder.

Thailand Architect: The process of designing a house and working with a Thai architect. Bangkok Builder Offers Design and Build Service, or Only Build. The choices are yours to make.

Bangkok Builder provides architectural drawings with our Thai licenced architects. We can help with only this, do design and build, or only build. The choices are all yours to make. We are very flexible and wish only to please the client. Below is some very useful information on the architectural process in Thailand. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact one of our Thai architects. They speak Thai and English.

Designing a house in Thailand can be a fun and highly enjoyable part of the construction of a home. Working with a professional architect is paramount. According to the laws and regulations of Thailand, for you to apply for permissions to build a home and then construct it, you must have a full, professional set of architectural construction drawings. They must have been completed by a licenced Thai architect and licenced Thai engineer. They must be signed off by both and their Thai licenses to practice, must be provided when you apply for permissions to build your home. If not, you will not get permissions to build it.

There are various stages in the architectural and design process. However the two main stages are the preliminary design stage (master plans, floor plans, elevations, perspectives. This is when design development takes place. And the other is the technical construction drawings; or detailed drawings stage. This is when the architect and engineers do all the technical detail based on the designs produced and confirmed by the client, during the preliminary stages. This stage includes, architectural, structural, engineering, mechanical, electrical, and sanitary/plumbing; and any other technical systems required for the construction drawings to be complete.

Rushing the architectural stage is never a good idea and do make sure you give yourself plenty of time to carry out the process. The house is built from the architectural drawings, so it is very important you take the required time to work with the architect on them. On average from experience of designing many homes, our architects normally take 4-6 months, depending on the size of project, the complexity, how quickly clients respond and how many changes are made during design development. But it is fairly normal for the architectural drawings of a home, in Thailand, to take many months and it is no different overseas.

The first step is for us to gather all the information regarding your project in Thailand. This we can do by meeting with you or by e-mail if you prefer. Some of our clients are very busy and work overseas. So we have helped many like this, dealing with it all via e-mail communication, Skype or telephone. E-mail is by far the best as it allows records to be kept which we can go back to and check as we progress. It also means both parties have information and can understand it more clearly. We work with you every step of the way.

Once we have all the details and information we will then send you the architectural job description and proposal fee. It takes about 5-7 days to complete. We have a questionnaire that we need to send you, so you can gather all the information we require. If you want us to send you that, please request it in the contact us form. This is free and without obligation. Contact us today for a free architectural job description and fee proposal.

Architectural Preliminary Design Stage

Once you have confirmed the architects job description and fee then a deposit is paid. Once the deposit is received, works begin. We can meet you at anytime and communicate easily by e-mail. Meetings are very helpful but are not essential. We leave this decision to you. If you are busy then we can communicate via e-mail, phone and Skype. We are most flexible and customer care is most important. We help you every step of the way.

The first stage is to create the design concepts, floor plans, elevations and perspectives. Bangkok Builder’s architects will work with you on these and take the time to make changes as requested. It is during this stage the design development takes place. You can amend them and there will be plenty of e-mails, numbers of drafts and communication. This preliminary design stage can take only 4 weeks or several months. Much depends on the choices, decisions, changes, size and complexity of the project.

Architectural Detailed Drawings Stage

Once you have confirmed the concepts, floor plans, elevations and perspectives are completed to your satisfaction; the architect will start the technical detailed construction drawings. This is the stage, when all the accurate details are put onto the plans: Details of windows, doors, materials, electrical installations, and plumbing, and security systems, mechanical, engineering and all structural drawings. The engineer calculates loads and structural information. The architect does all the technical detail required.

This can take normally 8-14 weeks; once again, depending on how big and complex the project is and how quickly confirmation is given. Some drawings will need to be sent to you for checking such as the electrical details. You can see how many sockets are in each room, how many light switches and where air conditioning units and fans are. You can add or reduce the number of units, make amendments and confirm any final details. It is not a stage to be changing the number of rooms, or shape of the home, as you have already confirmed that during the preliminary stages. Changing that at this stage would incur extra fees maybe, as it affects many other aspects and changes within the detailed drawings. Once all drawings are completed by the architect we will send you one copy to check and confirm you are happy. But normally clients do not, as they have already confirmed this during design development and are happy.

At the end of the architectural stages and all payments are made; you will have finished set copies of full architect’s drawings with all electrical, plumbing, mechanical and all details required within a professional set of architects plans. As per Thailand’s regulations, they will be signed by both licenced Thai architect and licenced Thai engineer. At the end of the project and once all payments are settled, if you require it, our architect can also provide an AutoCAD file. You will receive all you need from our architect to then apply for permissions to build and for us to provide a quotation to build, if the location is within our building area.

Below are three other important points in regards Land and also building a house in Thailand.

Boundary Survey
We always advise our customers to have a land boundary check survey done by the local government authority. It is not a full topographic survey, but a low cost way to have your land boundaries checked against your title deed. The officials will come out and check land posts and the boundary line against the title deed. This is a very good idea to have done, as it is inexpensive to do and gives you peace of mind. It can also help avoid any potential disputes with neighbors over construction on the boundary line. This can happen, so it is best to make sure you have your land boundary and markers checked. The last thing you need is to find out later, that the neighbor thinks you have built it on their land. So we strongly advise you have one carried out. Please discuss with your local authority for more details and information.

Soil Survey (Soil Tests)
When carrying out construction in Thailand, it is very important, as it is anywhere in the world, to know what is below the ground that you are going to build on; to know ground conditions and soil content. Soil content varies depending on location and also the specific piece of land. So when the engineer calculates all the structural detail and considers the foundations, he/she needs to know what is below the surface of the ground and the consistency of the soil.
It is from the soil survey, they calculate what type of pile and foundation your house or property requires. The civil engineer will advise the bearing capacity, which is is the ability of a soil to support a load from the foundation. They need to calculate, how far the piles need to go down, to safely and securely hold up the weight of your home. When they calculate the loads of the property they use all of this information. It is a vital part of the construction process.
The structure is a major part of the construction and you do not want any mistakes or miscalculations. The result of not doing it all correctly can be terrible, with unsafe structures, cracks, foundation issues, pile issues and subsidence. Our advice is always; make sure you have the soil survey completed. It must be done by the professional company.
It takes about 1-2 days on site for the team to go there with the machinery and take samples and do bore holes. Then maybe another 2-3 weeks in the laboratory for the tests result and report to be completed. You should have the soil survey done before the engineer requires them. Normally from our experience, the customer asks us to facilitate them, once they have land and are ready to go ahead with architectural drawings. So it’s one of the first things they do. Contact Bangkok Builder for a Soil Test Survey.

Buy Existing Drawings Off The Internet.

Our advice is never buying architectural drawings off the internet. The reason for this is they are often incomplete, they relate to other countries, measurement systems, climates and naturally are not created with your specific land in mind. A house being built in Europe or parts of the USA are not designed for Thailand’s climate, weather conditions or have any idea of soil conditions, land conditions and so forth. Also how will you apply for permissions when they have not been created by a licenced Thai architect or engineer ? It can lead to problems and your home never being built. So it is not something from our many years of experience we ever suggest you should do.

The only way to do it correctly is to employ a professional Thai architect to design your house. Our architects have successfully helped many people over the years carry our architectural design and are very happy to help you too. Please click contact us and they can start to assist you.

House Construction in Thailand – Bangkok Builder

Bangkok Construction Contractor: Bangkok Builder Can Help
Building a house in Thailand can be an enjoyable proposition and you can result in you having a wonderful home. But careful consideration must be given to how long it takes, the correct steps and working with a professional construction contractor.

The two main parts are the architectural design stage and then the construction stage. Bangkok builders can provide both or part of this. If you have architectural drawings completed by a licenced Thai architect and Thai engineer, we can provide you a quotation to build your house. If you do not have architectural drawings, we can also offer this service too. We have our own English speaking Thai architects who have assisted many people like you, design their home.
To design and build a house in Thailand, you are looking realistically at a minimum of 12-18 months, maybe more. This is determined by various factors, including the size and complexity of the house and how quickly the design comes together. An average size house in Thailand will take up to 12 months to build. Smaller houses maybe are able to be constructed in 10 months. All of this can be discussed and confirmed when you contact us at www.bangkokbuilder.com

Bangkok Builder is a Construction Contractor in Thailand

Bangkok Builder – Construction Contractor

We are a construction contractor in Bangkok, offering house construction, factory construction and condominium construction in various locations in Thailand. We are based in Bangkok and cover many of the neighboring provinces.

We are able to carry out construction in Bangkok, Nonthaburi, Pathum Thani, Samut Prakan, Nakhon Nayok, Chachoengsao, Chonburi, Rayong, Nakhon Pathom, Samut Songkhram, Samut Sakhon, Cha-Am, Petchaburi, Hua Hin, Prachuap Khiri Khan and Prachin Buri.

If you have completed architectural drawings and signed off by the licenced Thai architect and licenced Thai engineer, we are happy to hear from you. We can look over all your drawings.  If is within the areas we can build and within our scope of works, then we will provide you a price to do the construction works. Construction quotations normally take 2-4 weeks to complete.

Once you have the price to build, you have confirmed you wish to go ahead, we can then provide a standard construction contract for you and us to sign. It includes a guarantee and all our projects are covered by our standard insurance policy.

House Construction in Thailand

As a construction contractor in Thailand, we have our foreman and project manager on site to supervise all the works. We have Thai and English speaking staff. A standard size home can take anywhere from 8-12 months to build. Larger, more luxurious houses can take 12-18 months depending on when the project starts, complexity and size. However all of this is discussed and agreed before starting the construction project. Payments are in stages during the course of construction and written into the construction contract.

Our English Speaking Thai architects

If you do not have architectural drawings and require a Thai architect, then we can assist you. We have our own Thai, English speaking architect with many years of experience. Architectural drawings have to be done professionally by the licenced Thai architect and licenced Thai engineer, to then enable you to apply for permission to build. Once they are completed, we can then if you like us to, also provide a construction quotation to build your house. It is a good idea to start architectural drawings within plenty of time, as they can take 3-4 months, after you have confirmed all the preliminary design, master plans, floor plans, elevations and perspectives. At the end you will have full sets of professional drawings, that cover all architectural, engineering, structural, mechanical, electrical and sanitary/plumbing drawings. Everything that you require to then apply for permissions at the local government offices. Please contact us if you require architectural drawings.